Rehoming a Dog

Whilst it is never an easy decision it may be that you are having to rehome your dog due to a change of circumstances. 

Please be aware that there are many hundreds of dogs being rehomed around the country every week and rescues are very busy, so spaces are limited and we often hold a waiting list. We will do our best to assist, and if we are unable to help we will wherever possible offer details of other rescues in your area.

If you are rehoming your dog due to training or behavioural issues we would suggest that you contact a local APDT Trainer for advice to be sure that the problems you are having could not be easily resolved allowing your pet to remain at home.

It can help us find a foster home more quickly if your dog is already neutered or spayed, as this increases the potential foster homes available where there are already resident dogs who may not accept an unneutered or unspayed newcomer. 

Please note, we are only able to assist with small breeds.

If you have read the above and wish to contact us regarding a rescue space for your dog please contact Sam on 07805 079705

Please ensure you have information regarding date of last vaccination available when you call if at all possible, and be prepared to be asked a number of questions about your dog.

We appreciate that this may be a difficult time for you, and will endeavour to make the process as comfortable as possible.

** PLEASE NOTE:  The demand on all rescues is extremely high, and as we approach the Christmas period this becomes even greater. If your rehoming need is urgent, we may not be able to help directly, but will do our best to give you alternative rescue contacts to try, or advice to manage the situation in the meantime. **