The Little Dog Rescue

The Little Dog Rescue was formed in 2009 and obtained Charity status on 9th March 2012.

The rescue uses a network of approved foster homes to assess dogs prior to homing. This gives us an opportunity to establish accurate knowledge of the dog in a variety of circumstances, for example with other dogs, children, cats, car travel, training needs and much more.

We accept dogs from a wide range of situations; these include, but are not limited to:

  • private homes where an owner's circumstances may have changed
  • council pounds where they remain unclaimed after serving their 7 day legally required stay and are in danger of being put to sleep
  • from other rescues when requested

Whilst in the care of the rescue the dog receives any veterinary treatment required such as a dental or skin treatments, in addition to the rescue's standard policy requirement of neutering/spaying, vaccinating and microchipping.

We adhere to a non-destruct policy. We believe every dog deserves a new start and will work to meet every individual dog's needs wherever possible.