Our Adoption Policy

We treat every application to adopt a dog individually, just as every dog in our care is an individual. Not every dog would suit any home, and not every home would suit any dog. 

Whilst in our care the dog will have been assessed in a foster home so that we have a good knowledge of its temperament, needs, training knowledge, like and dislikes and whether it would be happy to live with other dogs, children and cats for example.

We do not operate a blanket policy for who we consider suitable applicants. We do consider homes with young children, because in a foster home setting we often have dogs who have been assessed around young children safely. We do not rule an applicant out because they are older, many retired people are fit and active and have the much needed time to offer a little dog who would prefer constant companionship. We do not disallow working homes if the dog has been assessed as coping with periods alone and the home can show evidence that they have a dogwalker or other plan in place for those times.

We do neuter or spay every dog before it leaves our care, unless a vet has advised against this due to age or health reasons. In the case of a puppy being too young to neuter or spay prior to adoption, or where a vet has advised against spaying a bitch with no season history, we will ask you to sign a binding agreement that this will be done within a given period of time. We will follow this up, and will ask to see proof from your vet.

We also fully vaccinate and microchip a dog prior to adoption. And every dog in our care will have received regular flea and worming treatment, along with any other veterinary care advised by a vet.

** Please note we do not home where there is a resident unspayed or unneutered dog except in exceptional circumstances (where perhaps your dog is too young or has a medical reason for this not being done), and this is only after discussion and at the discretion of the Directors.