Why Adopt a Rescue Dog?

With so many dogs in rescues, shelters and pounds around the country desperate for a loving new home, the simple answer is why not?

Many people are concerned that adopting a rescue dog is a risk, and they ask "what's wrong with the dog?", presuming that it must be in rescue for a reason.

Sadly, the vast majority of dogs in rescues are there through no fault of their own. Changes in family circumstances such as the loss of a job or home, a marriage breakdown, the death of an owner are the most common reasons for a dog to find itself in need of a new home. 

Of course, there are also the deliberately abandoned, no longer wanted because a new puppy was more desirable, 'the kids got bored', it grew bigger than they thought it would, 'it chews when we leave it all day'...the reasons given are many but all too familiar. Sometimes these are the dogs that arrive with little socialisation or training, bewildered and unsure. But in the hands of an experienced and understanding foster carer they learn to have faith and trust in humans again, and to begin the path to being a happy, well-rounded companion for the right home.

We are honest with applicants about any special needs the dog may have, and if there are ongoing training needs to be met we will give guidance and advice about these. A signed adoption contract does not mean we no longer have an interest in that dog, and we are always at the end of the telephone, on the forum or on email for adopters to stay in touch.

Adopting an assessed rescue dog is often more rewarding and lower risk than buying a puppy or taking a dog on from the free advertisements. The dog will have been tested in a range of situations, it will have received all necessary veterinary care, much of the basic training is in place and it is an easier process for the dog to fit into your family, becoming a loving companion and fun playmate from the off.

With so many wonderful dogs in the UK being put to sleep in council pounds simply for lack of a home, doesn't it make sense to consider a rescue dog?